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Collective Leadership: A Comprehensive Definition

How many people do you know seem caught in a cycle of getting up, going to work, putting in eight hours, coming home, and then starting from the beginning again? Depending on where we are in our careers and personal life journeys, it can be easy to find yourself “going through the motions” when dealing […]

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Listen Up: A Guide To Practice Attentive Listening Skills

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you’re pouring your heart out to someone, only to have them completely turn the focus of the conversation onto themself and making you realize they were not practicing attentive listening? Or perhaps you’ve been talking to a friend, and then they pull out their smartphone

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Bringing Out The Best In Ourselves and Others: 4 Touchpoints

So often when we’re in a particular work setting, we let negative thoughts and emotions invade our minds, rather than bringing out the best in ourselves and others. They may be reflections that we have of ourselves, of others, or of what our co-workers may think of us. However, when we allow these negative emotions

Discover the 9 Elements to Promote Your Cultural Health.

When working toward building a healthier cultural environment in the workplace, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the corporate jargon. In between the dos and don’ts, you’re left wondering, what does a healthy work environment look like? What if I told you there was a straightforward way of assessing your

Discover the gaps and learn the solutions to improve quality healthcare.

When working as a healthcare professional, it’s necessary to treat all people with the utmost care and respect equally across the board. But how is this achievable when there are currently so many gaps within the institution of healthcare? These gaps prevent people from getting the assistance they need while also blocking professionals from receiving


Here we go again. I thought we got a new leader 9 months ago? Didn’t I prove myself then? Why do I need to start all over? (Victim mode) What if this new leader does not like me? (Panic mode) Will I measure up to her expectations? (Am I good enough mode) What if she

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Approaches to Burnout: Advice and Tools

Burnout is a term that is all too common in our current society. The rise of online messaging apps and work-from-home positions has opened the door for the boundaries between a person’s work life and personal life to become blurry. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with occasionally working long hours, your employer and team members

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What is Your Workplace’s Cultural Health? [7 Questions to Ask]

Do you feel safe at work? Not just physically, but emotionally as well? How are topics like mental health and burnout treated? Do you feel safe to speak up and express your thoughts and opinions? Do people listen to enhance their understanding? No matter your workplace situation, it’s necessary to ensure that mental well-being is

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Building The Effective Team [5 Key Characteristics]

A resilient, supportive, and integrated team is essential to the health of any workplace. Having that team mentality can build a dynamic in which everyone feels like their needs are met and that the work they produce pushes their goals forward. This type of team may sound like a fantasy, but it’s entirely possible and

Reflections over Resolutions: Optimize 2019

At the conclusion of 2018 and as we move to embrace 2019 I like to reflect. Setting official goals on New Year’s Eve with my husband was something we cherished until we realized that often we did not act on those goals. Thus, I changed the ritual and prefer to reflect on the past year.

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How To Build Trust: 5 Proven Methods

Any productive and meaningful relationship should have a solid foundation on trust. Without trust, a relationship cannot stand the test of time, whether it be professional or personal.  On the flip side, it takes time to build trust, and how long it takes depends on each individual person and situation. Some people may “click” and

Enough, Let’s Create A CULTURE SHIFT

Recently we have been inundated with distressing news globally about more gun shootings and more killings. I cannot shake the feeling of sadness at the wrathful slaughter of the innocent lives that took place in Pittsburgh, last week. People will always see things from their own perspective and often disagree, but what surprises me is