Enough, Let’s Create A CULTURE SHIFT

Recently we have been inundated with distressing news globally about more gun shootings and more killings. I cannot shake the feeling of sadness at the wrathful slaughter of the innocent lives that took place in Pittsburgh, last week. People will always see things from their own perspective and often disagree, but what surprises me is […]

A “Blue Day”

Today I am having a “blue” day. Nothing has really gone wrong but I am wallowing in my destructive self-thought. I am feeling like an imposter; that I have no business doing what I do. I am not believing in me because I am thinking I am not really good enough or anything special. Who

Bedside Manners Matter: What Act of Kindness Will You Do Today?

The other day when I was catching a flight home from a business trip, I had a surprising experience. Passing through the security checkpoint I spontaneously said, “Hello, how are you?” The security officer looked at my information and said, “Fine, you can go through now. Have a nice flight”. I responded, “Thank you. Have

What is the secret to a happy life?

While we definitely use our mind each and every day, very few of us have taken time to cultivate a deep understanding of its nature and function. Chances are, unless we have studied and trained in Buddha’s teachings, we probably know very little about the different types of mind, how they are generated and what

Let Your Light Shine Brighter with Full Self-Acceptance

As this holiday season gets under way, let’s consider how we can make our life and our journeys brighter and more meaningful. Let’s begin by asking why do we desire to be more successful, never satisfied with what we have? Why some of us only see the negative in a situation and others see the