Here we go again. I thought we got a new leader 9 months ago? Didn’t I prove myself then?

Why do I need to start all over? (Victim mode)

What if this new leader does not like me? (Panic mode)

Will I measure up to her expectations? (Am I good enough mode)

What if she does not keep the status quo and I lose my position or my status? (Ego mode)

What if this does not work out and I need to look for a new job? (Fear mode)

Why didn’t we get a leader from within? (Status quo and I like the known mode)

Wait. Dial in reframe.

What if the new leader signed off with the last leader and already knows what a hard worker I am?

What if she likes me and I have a new ally?

What if I put my nose down and do what I always do, my best effort to meet dead lines with the same quality work I always try to produce?

What if I learn and grow from this change and my new leader brings continued creativity to me and to my colleagues?

What if I blossom under my new circumstances?

What if under our new person my department and consequently my organization do even better?

Just maybe…What if change is not so bad after all? (Success mode)

Have you recently experienced change? If so, I would love to hear about it.