Collaboration with Changes

Are we all deserving of compassion and forgiveness?

It would be nice if the world were a peaceful place, ruled by justice and equality.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the world, history tells us a different story.

Periods of great advances, political and social, alternate with periods of obscurantism and regression. Western societies are the product of both the Renaissance and the Middle Age. We are not given the choice to live in one age instead of the other. In which period are we living, today?

The world is suddenly afflicted by many plagues: a global pandemic, political upheaval, economic crisis, educational upheaval, and racial intolerance. Inequality and injustice seem rampant.

How come people do “wrong”? Did they fall through the cracks of our society? Have we not served them well and, thus, they have wronged others? Maybe.

But are we ignoring an uncomfortable reality: evil? Can we deny the existence of evil?

The holocaust did not stop 75 years ago at the end of WW2.

Racial cleansing occurred in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Myanmar.

Crimes against humanity continue to occur in Syria, displacing millions of people.

Lately, we see increased incidents targeting race in the United States.

Who is going to suffer the most? Usually the minority, the marginalized, the poor, the person of color, the person with disability are most vulnerable. It is our duty to protect them. Improving their life will enhance ours. We need to have more compassion, as we all may become victims, attacked verbally or physically by others.

Are we responsible and accountable for the good and the evil in this world? We are responsible for the good and evil that we do. We are accountable. We can do better. We are not supposed to be evil. If we see evil, we should stop it, if we can. Sometimes we can, sometimes we cannot.

Sometimes we will not, impotent in front of the evil, because fear prevails. Standing up to evil is not easy, it takes courage, and it is not a common suit.

A divided world is not what we desire, but it is the current state.

What is the real chance for our world to improve if we do not take action? Who are the real heroes and villains of our world? Sometimes it is not so easy to distinguish.

Who do we want to be? The good guys, obviously. Who do we choose to be? G-d will tell us.

We need to take action, because we feel it is the right thing to do. Will the world be a better place because of it? Hopefully.

Collaboration is no longer desirable; it has become a necessity. Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” In crisis we must work together, so why not in the “good times”?

No one should have to live in fear because of their race, religion, gender, or beliefs.

No one should be treated differently because they are not as educated, as able, or as well off as another. However, we often judge people by their exterior appearance. We are more likely to treat kindly someone well-dressed, soft-spoken, and well-groomed than a ragged, loud, and disheveled person. Mother Theresa probably did not. But she was Mother Theresa. The rest of us still have work to do.

Everyone should have the same healthcare benefits. When the government does not have the funds to pay for it, the rich can go elsewhere. The poor and vulnerable cannot. Physical, financial, medical, emotional, or spiritual support from us is lacking. There is definitively a need to do a better job. I personally see it as our duty to spend the healthcare money better than we do presently. The global pandemic has made this clearer than ever.

The world is getting smaller and smaller, more and more polluted. We must try to make this world cleaner than we received it. We must join forces and make this world better for us and future generations. We are all responsible. It is time to act. There is no room for “I” and “you”, but rather, “we”.

When will we play our strongest humane suit, compassion?

Quoting Helen Keller again, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

We are all responsible. It is time to act. What is your part in all of this?

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