5 Steps to Avoid Loneliness While In Isolation

Today we are moving rapidly towards virtual everything: psychological support, schooling, work and meetings, exercise classes, cooking instructions, entertainment, webinars, gardening tips, and many more. Covid 19 has pummeled us in this direction even if we did not want to go there.

Here are tips to remain productive and caring without falling victim to feelings of isolation or loneliness.

1. Contact Friends:

  • Our phones, emails, texts are just a few ways to stay in touch. It helps to remember that we have not forgotten each other.

2. Share Disappointments and Frustrations:

Share disappointments and frustrations due to the unusual situation in a positive light.

  • For instance, the streets are bare, and restaurants and stores are closed. Business is mostly being conducted virtually so we are decreasing our carbon footprint and helping with climate and environmental issues.
  • We cannot have a live graduation or meeting but at least we can have a meeting and catch up or witness and participate in the significant moments in our lives.
  • We cannot meet up with others, but we can finally find time to organize and throw out our clutter or finish a home project or read a book.
  • We cannot go to restaurants but now we can try out recipes that we usually are too busy to take time to do and get the benefits of healthy home cooking.

3. Keep on a Schedule:

  • Get up at the same time each day and plan your day. Maybe you will start off with exercise, then breakfast, then journal or meditate. Consider when you can best get your work done and when you want to do the chores in the house and interact with other household members if you are not living alone. When will you fit entertainment into the schedule? After dinner as usual during the work week or when you have that slump in late afternoon?
  • Consider what you need for your own health physically, emotionally, and spiritually and what tasks need to be accomplished. Prioritize and set time limits so that you do not do one thing all day and sacrifice other things.
  • Plan virtual meetings and social gatherings.
  • When we plan our day, it helps to keep us focused and provides us the ability to check off what we have completed so at the end of the day we can “see” our accomplishments.

4. Take Time Out to Reflect:

  • This is our golden opportunity. Our day has slowed down in that we save on travel time to so many events. We can take time out to reflect on where we have been, where we want to go, what we believe on so many issues and what we want to do in our future.

5. Share With People

  • Share with people how we are really feeling and ask them how they are doing/feeling. We now need to take time more than ever to listen to each other and hear what it is really being said. Conversations need to emphasize compassion and caring for each other. Often, we do not take time to notice when those around us at home, in the community or at work are feeling alone even when many others are around them physically. Do we really take time out to understand what others are saying and meaning and whether their perspective may have some truth to it?

We are not necessarily alone even when, physically, others are not nearby. When we feel like others care about us and connect with us even virtually, we know we can continue to collaborate and engage. That is how to continue to foster healthy relationships.