Words, words, words… What do they mean?

Listening to the rhetoric expounded during the current political season in the USA is a reminder of how easy it is to say empty words.

Are these statements likely to change the thoughts and beliefs of those who listen? Maybe they will sway the few truly undecided. Anyone who already has chosen one candidate over another (and I trust that is the majority of us) will listen and then justify why the candidate’s words support what we believe about them (positively or negatively).

Truth is that the reality of what happens once someone is elected to office is more important than the promises we hear. Actions speak louder than words. Are the promises made just to be elected or, if they are made in good faith, does the speaker have the drive to execute them and the ability to stand behind them? That takes honesty, accountability, and responsibility. The same is true in our everyday life. Does your supervisor mean what he says? Do your parents or your children say one thing and model another? Does the CEO carry out his word and hold all those around him accountable?

Words lose meaning and credibility decreases if behaviors and actions are not aligned and consistent. What do you say and how do you act in your personal and professional worlds? Are they consistent? Do you mean what you say and stand up for it? Silence is not an option. Words without the action behind them are not an option either. Healthy cultures are resilient when words, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions are consistent and are clearly, compassionately, and consistently communicated.

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