What Do We Make of Promises?

Listening to the rhetoric characterizing the current political season in the USA reminds me how easy it is to make promises.

Although words may sway the undecided, words are unlikely to change the fundamental beliefs of people. Those of you who have already made up your mind for one candidate over another will listen and then rationalize why what the candidate says supports (or not) what you believe.

Truth is not the promises and the words (written or oral) that we read or listen to. that is key. The reality lies in what happens once someone is elected to office. Actions always speak louder than words and define what the speaker really meant.  Are words spoken just to be elected or because the orator really intended to say them? Furthermore, does the speaker have the strength to stand behind the promises and the ability to execute them? Are the spoken words for the good of the candidate or for the benefit of the affected population? To stand behind the words takes honesty, accountability, and responsibility.

The same is true in our everyday life. Do parents or children say one thing and model another? Do supervisors mean what they say? Do teachers and managers truly hold all those around accountable?

When behaviors and actions are not aligned and consistent, words lose meaning and credibility suffers a major blow.

What do you say and how do you act in your personal and professional worlds? Are you consistent? Do you model what you say and stand up for it? Silence is not an option. But words without the action behind them is not an option either. Healthy cultures are resilient when words, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions all match and are clearly, compassionately, and consistently communicated. Then it is easier to understand what is meant and what are the expectations.

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