Aligning Regulations and Values at Work

An empty office with chairs lined up at desks to symbolize the importance of aligning regulations and values at work

Are you feeling like you’re struggling with maintaining your mental health and aligning your regulations and values at work?  You’re not alone.

Over half (53%) of American people admit they are feeling emotionally burned out at their job and 9 out of 10 people report that workplace stress affects their mental health. In industries like healthcare that receive overwhelming workloads and very little recognition, this rate increases considerably. This is more likely to happen when employees are stuck in a toxic workplace environment and allow the stress to permeate their entire lives.

It’s important to identify if your workplace is aligned with your values and recognize when a workplace is toxic. Taking those steps to audit your workplace’s “feeling” and knowing when you can help introduce real change in your job, or when it’s time for you to seek employment elsewhere, will greatly improve your wellbeing and awareness.

The Importance of Aligning Regulations and Values at Work

When you feel unmotivated and uninspired at work due to toxic workplace culture, you start to numb parts of your brain and operate at the bare minimum cognitive capacity. When you spend so much time with your brain numbed, you start to experience life that way, too.

Suddenly you’re not only tuning out at work, but you are doing this to your family and friends as well. Life becomes lack-luster, and we stop seeing the beauty of the world around us.

Don’t you want to experience the rich sensations of life at its fullest? Isn’t it nice to experience the sweet smells of the season, the summer storms, the laughs with the people you love most?

When you dull your cognitive abilities and are continuously avoiding toxicity in your workplace, you begin to dull all of life around you. Over 85% of people admitted that they feel disengaged in the workplace, which has been a growing trend for several years.

If you are a leader in the workplace, especially if you work in a healthcare environment where employees often feel under-appreciated, remember that a little recognition goes a long way. Even just a small gesture of gratitude is sometimes all it takes to improve the workplace culture and introduce an environment of positivity. Being supportive of someone who is struggling or having a rough time can really improve your relationships and culture in the workplace.

As a leader, you have the power to shift the attitude of toxicity into positivity in your workplace. If you feel that the culture of toxicity is deeply ingrained, hiring a third-party professional, such as a coach, can greatly help in changing the environment.

Company Culture = Everything

Culture in the workplace is incredibly important to me. I believe that if the culture in a workplace aligns with your life path and core values, your productivity and workplace satisfaction will grow tremendously.

This is what I help others identify and practice in their own lives: how to self-regulate and align their values to their work. Feeling morally satisfied with our contribution to the world (via our workplace) is an underrated, but imperative, state of being.

When you are faced with a toxic cultural environment that doesn’t align with your personal values, it can be difficult to face those people who you feel are bringing you down. But it can happen! Some tips I have for overcoming workplace toxicity include:

  • Know who your friends (allies) are and keep them close
  • Try to keep your head above water and out of the drama (remember: you’re there to do your job)
  • Communicate with your supervisors about your options for reducing stress (can you be transferred somewhere else?)

Ready to begin? With my years of experience and hands-on training, I can help you open your heart to begin to see where it is you could make a change. You can begin to live authentically and truly show up for work, not just physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. When you live in your authentic truth, you find that the world becomes brighter, and you are able to work with more presence and purpose in everything you do.

I have helped people navigate through difficult areas of their lives, such as facing workplace toxicity, how to cope with a potential career change, and aligning regulations and values at work. Contact me today to get started discovering your true self at work.