A Billion Dollars Spent on the Campaign Trail, Yet Healthcare is Suffering

All of us have a difference of opinion on where and how much money should be allotted for various spending by the federal, state, and local government. Yet, we do not seem to flinch about over 1 billion dollars spent on both sides of the aisle, on the campaign trail leading up to this past week’s election.  Bless the campaigners spending the money to get information out there to each of us. Maybe someday they will even tell us a more accurate picture of the important issues with fewer bias, based on true merit rather than party affiliation. This is not about making them wrong.  In this way, we could learn to take the good aspects of each party’s opinion and formulate an even more balanced one that will enable all Americans to prosper.

As a physician and thought leader I cannot help but notice that the healthcare system that we all depend on when we are ill, is suffering.

Healthcare escalating costs, safety and quality shortcomings, and lower staff and consumer engagement and satisfaction, particularly true during this global pandemic crisis, have heightened our awareness of this crisis. I believe that we must look through a window of pain points that need to be addressed for us to develop healthier cultures as individuals, teams, and organizations. If we all put teams together to see how we could improve upon this, we all would benefit from our effort, because there are more ways to help healthcare improve beyond just what is on one party platform.  It would still be hard to deliver quality and safe healthcare to all and to have a more equitable system, but we could be closer. We need to stand up to what is needed and say enough partisan bickering and let’s put more energy and hard work into finding reasonable compromises so that we can improve the lives of all the Americans.

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