Cultural Toxicity Assessment Criteria

Please read the information below to find out where your organization lies. If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll be more than happy to quickly respond.

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Green  (31–35 points)

An organization that scores in the green range deserves congratulations. It is good to go and a healthy organizational culture.

Yellow  (25–30 points)

An organization that scores in the yellow range is doing relatively well, but has room for improvement (and needs caution as it has the potential to get worse).

Orange  (19–24 points)

An organization that scores in the orange range needs to honestly examine its culture, trouble is at the door. Beware.

Purple  (13–18 points)

An organization that scores in the purple range is bruising. There is no time like the present to aggressively start working on improving the culture within the organization. Productivity, trust, collaboration are all suffering. Call the culture development specialist now.

Red  (7–12 points)

An organization that scores in the red range is in need of emergency resuscitation. Immediate new lens are in order. Perspective shifts need to emerge immediately. The culture development specialist needs to arrive on the scene and breathe new life into the organization forthwith.

If your score is not green, please get in touch.

I will help you to foster cultural mindfulness while dampening the toxicity in your workplace. I specialize in providing tools and training to enable leadership to heal the environment.

As a physician with leadership, coaching, and advocacy experience, I work with senior leaders, teams, and organizations to improve collaboration, staff engagement and patient satisfaction allowing the achievement of strategic goals more timely and effectively.

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